Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ashley's Upcoming New Hairstyle

her usual rebonding?
or my favourite - the spike

So which one ?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sedih la jugak

menitik jugak air mata aku lepas diorg pergi.
selalunya kalau diorg masuk carrier, mesti struggle nak keluar but this time both of them were so quiet.

aku hantar diorg sampai diorg masuk kereta...
sebak... aku tahan so that tak menangis masa kat lift...
sampai rumah dah x reti nak malu kat ashley langsung...
bilik tu semalam petang baru aku masuk. itupon utk tutup tingkap.

ashley terjenguk-jenguk.selalunya bila buka jer pintu , meluru la both of them mengejar ashley.
malam tadi satu malam ashley mengiau.
mengiau cari buah hati dia yang hilang....
takper la ashley..nanti panjang umur ashley jumpa la diorang lagi.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Forgive Me Ashley

Lagi 2 hari.
Lagi 2 hari jer lagi Cumi & Cippy's mummy akan ambik diorg balik .. for good...
Sedih tak terkata ni...
baru few weeks ashley dah start main kejar-kejar dgn diorg.
main usik2.. sergah2..
semalam for the first time ashley masuk cage diorg... all this while jgn harap dia nak masuk pon bilik tu jenguk bebudak tu..
now how?...
mesti ashley terpinga2 heran masa pergi si Cippy yg Demok Kotak... Mana si Cumi yg Garang cenge...

and me?.. x lalu dah nak nangis sedih. Hopefully masa Auntie S dtg ambik , i won't cry...( will cry..definitely0

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kejar Kejaran

Semalam Ashley main kejar-kejar dgn Cippy. tgh seronok main, tetiba Cumi datang sergah.
I don't know, maybe Cumi actually nak main jugak tapi Ashley salah interprate? Or Cumi actually thought Ashley was chasing Cippy away ie angrily?
Anyhow, glad to see them finally sebulu. ..

semua terbaring , terduduk, tertiarap lepas lari-lari..
dasar demok tak cukup exercise

about the Pengantin

alamak.. actually magazine pengantin tu bukan kena koyak ngan ashley.
tapi ashley makan.
serious, dia makan.
tapi dia x muntah macam kalau makan newspaper.
so skrg magazine ti dah kena nyuruk.
kalau tak dia akan makan sampai tinggal binding...

takut la apa2 hal jadi.. byk chemical kan.

Friday, December 17, 2010

sungguhla x perempuan

ini picture candid tangan ashley.
tangan dia banyak bulu
banyak sangt bulu sampai terkeluar-keluar dicelah-celah jari halusnya....
sungguhla tidak keperempuanan anakku ini....

Thursday, December 16, 2010


kak celi ngan bang cippy ngan dik cumi dah berkawan.
kami berkawan baik , sama sebulu,
bermain , berguling , sama sebummbunggggggg...

psttt pstttt... kak celi dah jatuh hati ngan bang cippy yg demok.. tapi apakan daya.. cippy sudah tertutup hatinyaaa...

cuma cumi jer yg still mengcumuttt.. dok sergah celi tetiba kekadang tu.. aaa tau pon takut celi.. lintang pukang lari... ingatkan ko tu garang sgt rupanya ada yg lagi heroin.

cumi : napa buruk sgt muka ni?..x basuh ker?meh sini akak cuci
cippy: x sempat la kak.. gigi pon x gosok lagi

celi: cuci muka mcm ni laa... seee no hand

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alkisah Cumi & Cippy

I do owed an explanation about Cumi & Cippy's background and how do i end up having them with me.
But i do hope Cumi & Cippy's Mummy allow me to documentise the whole story.

It all started when Ashley was becoming too much too handle.
By saying too much I mean, she's becomig the queen of the house, growling and hissing to everyone that she doesn't like. Almost 'slapping' her nanny during the grooming and demanding for her food to be served immediately. Nanny also got scared already u know...
seeee seeeee... who's the boss? me or her?

To cut the story short, Cumi & Cippy's mummy ( Called her auntie S) was looking for someone who could foster both of her kitties.
Sound like an easy thing to do right? Here's the criteria:
1. Both of them are inseparable. Cannot take only the male or even the Female
2. Cumi( female)- she's pregnant. First pregnancy - and she just turn 1 year.
3. Homey environment. And clean
4. Low number of current kitties. ie; undivided attention to them too.

the rest of criteria , you should ask Auntie S yourself. i only wrote the one that i'm aware of.

I leave the decision to her. don't want to pressure as it is her kitties at the end of the day.
As for Cumi & Cippy , they been transfering from one place to another for quite sometimes.
Nobody was to be blamed for what happened in the beginning. God's will and we must accept it whether we like it or not.
Somehow i could understand how cumi and cippy might have gone through.
Just like when my father passed away , we have to gaveaway both our kitties(they're my father's) to our cousins just because we can't bear to look at them...

So i would like to thank you to Auntie S ( she's not my auntie ok.. only a nick from ashley) for giving me the chance to be part of Cumi and Cippy's life and from Ashley - ' meow' . 'it means thank you so much now i have someone for me to skodeng with.'

Me and Ashley agreed that our fisrt mission is to make them as fat as possible. Haha.

Ashley doing her 'reporter' duty.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Don McLean-American Pie

I heart this song... so does My Ashley (i think..hehheheh),

A song inspired by the death of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper on The Day the Music Died. February 3, 1959. RIP.

A long, long time ago...

I can still remember

How that music used to make me smile.

And I knew if I had my chance

That I could make those people dance

And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

But february made me shiver

With every paper I’d deliver.

Bad news on the doorstep;

I couldn’t take one more step.

I can’t remember if I cried

When I read about his widowed bride,

But something touched me deep inside

The day the music died.

So bye-bye, miss american pie.

Drove my chevy to the levee,

But the levee was dry.

And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.

"this’ll be the day that I die."

Did you write the book of love,

And do you have faith in God above,

If the Bible tells you so?

Do you believe in rock ’n roll,

Can music save your mortal soul,

And can you teach me how to dance real slow?

Well, I know that you’re in love with him

`cause I saw you dancin’ in the gym.

You both kicked off your shoes.

Man, I dig those rhythm and blues.

I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck

With a pink carnation and a pickup truck,

But I knew I was out of luck

The day the music died.

I started singin’,

"bye-bye, miss american pie."

Drove my chevy to the levee,

But the levee was dry.

Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

And singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.

"this’ll be the day that I die."

Now for ten years we’ve been on our own

And moss grows fat on a rollin’ stone,

But that’s not how it used to be.

When the jester sang for the king and queen,

In a coat he borrowed from james dean

And a voice that came from you and me,

Oh, and while the king was looking down,

The jester stole his thorny crown.

The courtroom was adjourned;

No verdict was returned.

And while lennon read a book of marx,

The quartet practiced in the park,

And we sang dirges in the dark

The day the music died.

We were singing,

"bye-bye, miss american pie."

Drove my chevy to the levee,

But the levee was dry.

Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

And singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.

"this’ll be the day that I die."

Helter skelter in a summer swelter.

The birds flew off with a fallout shelter,

Eight miles high and falling fast.

It landed foul on the grass.

The players tried for a forward pass,

With the jester on the sidelines in a cast.

Now the half-time air was sweet perfume

While the sergeants played a marching tune.

We all got up to dance,

Oh, but we never got the chance!

`cause the players tried to take the field;

The marching band refused to yield.

Do you recall what was revealed

The day the music died?

We started singing,

"bye-bye, miss american pie."

Drove my chevy to the levee,

But the levee was dry.

Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

And singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.

"this’ll be the day that I die."

Oh, and there we were all in one place,

A generation lost in space

With no time left to start again.

So come on: jack be nimble, jack be quick!

Jack flash sat on a candlestick

Cause fire is the devil’s only friend.

Oh, and as I watched him on the stage

My hands were clenched in fists of rage.

No angel born in hell

Could break that satan’s spell.

And as the flames climbed high into the night

To light the sacrificial rite,

I saw satan laughing with delight

The day the music died

He was singing,

"bye-bye, miss american pie."

Drove my chevy to the levee,

But the levee was dry.

Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

And singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.

"this’ll be the day that I die."

I met a girl who sang the blues

And I asked her for some happy news,

But she just smiled and turned away.

I went down to the sacred store

Where I’d heard the music years before,

But the man there said the music wouldn’t play.

And in the streets: the children screamed,

The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed.

But not a word was spoken;

The church bells all were broken.

And the three men I admire most:

The father, son, and the holy ghost,

They caught the last train for the coast

The day the music died.

And they were singing,

"bye-bye, miss american pie."

Drove my chevy to the levee,

But the levee was dry.

And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.

"this’ll be the day that I die."

They were singing,

"bye-bye, miss american pie."

Drove my chevy to the levee,

But the levee was dry.

Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die."

..................Fuhhhhhhhhhhh... that was long.....

Errrrrr.... no comment

as what the tittle said ...
no comment

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The new scratcher

So , prior to getting new sister and brother ,
i bribed ashley with new scratcher.
she seems to be enjoying it.

 that's her pretending to sit still like an egg.
note: mummy shitah was the one putting her in there. she didn't jump in there by herself.

ashley : sniff sniff..
translated : quite smelly huh mummy?
somemore doesn't smell like my cage at all
note : smell like your cage ashley? pufffhhh... can die man if like that.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ashley and Mummy's Sewing Machine

i've been spending quite sometimes with the sewing machine.
and as usual , being selfish fat bulus , ashley couldn't take it that the machine received more attention than her.

so , she makes herself comfy next to the machine,
sometimes even pretend that the machine is her pillow.
and even refuse to move her big bum off from the sewing table..

ashley :  planning... planning
ashley : i know, i just change the tension setting...muahahhaha

eeeeeeee ... scaryyyy....just look at her eyes...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cumi & cippy

 hoo hoooo sedapnyerrrr
 sampai juling2
 sikit-sikit jer tau garu
makcik ni susah betul nak posing pictures.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Pengantin, not the so called newly wed ok.
it's the PENGANTIN magazine tu.
Ashley really really loved the magazine.
Proof? as per below pictures... enjoy...


the review : fulfilling all criteria.
                  one stop centre.
                  knowledgeable & delicious

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ashley merajuk

Yes true true. kucing pon merajuk
semalam ashley buat hal. maybe sebab marahkan mummynya ni masuk bilik 'adik2'nya , so dia buat hal kat dlm pasu bunga mummy shita dia pulak.
sabar jer laa. dah la bunga tu sikit punya segar bugar. kena 'panahan' ashley tu , macam kena siram air panas jer.
so jenuh la ashley kena bebel satu malam.
and this is how she looks like yesterday.
 control diam walaupon mummy dia membebel macam bertih jagung.

tau pon bersalah.  

hish ish..susahnya hati.. bila la korang ni berbaik2 . boleh berkejar2an dgn bersopan, main bola dengan girang, makan sepinggan, minum semangkuk, tido semeja, mandi semenjerit sesama, .. bila? bila?

tapi sampai mana pon nak tahan marahkan minah bulu ni?.. pandai pulak dia buat2 pujuk jgn marahkan dia lagi


penatnya control ayu
macam mana nak marah lagi?

Friday, October 29, 2010

O Hoiiiiiiiii..........(ala2 M Daud Kilau)

So, diatas permintaan ramai yg x seberapa ramai tu...
here's those little munchkin pict... enjoy...

macam beratur plak

cippy with his normal sitting arrangement

cumi tengah purak-purak tido

muka muncung taknak tengok kamera

aksi sensor from cumi yang takleh ampun punya

haaaaaaaaaaaaa inilah dia candid scene cumi mengocah ashley yg tengah lena diulik mimpi.

sekian. terima kasih.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd - 6th DAY

Ashley : 2nd Day

Offcourse makcik ni tak berperasaan. ada orang lain ker kat rumah?

dia dgn dunia dia sendiri. Cuma biasalaaaa tercium-cium sana sini macam ada new smells in the house.

and dok terbeliak-beliak tengok tgk org masuk bilik belakang tutup pintu.

Cippy & Cumi : 2nd Day

As it turn out bebulus 2 org ni, ok la plak. tak der nak culture shock ker apa ker. Cuma dok renung muka kita straight lelama. dok nak ngafal la tu.

tapi diorg dok terbeliak beliak tgk paper ball kena gumpal .nak main kejar2 bola.

ok la tu kan?

3rd-6th day

Ashley : Punyala makcik ni marah. dia boleh merajuk xnak sentuh langsung food dia just because I put a bit of cippy fur dekat area cage dia.

so semua bau2 ni kena move from ashley’s area.

then marah lagi bila tangan kita ada bau bebulus lain.

x bagi langsung sentuh her so-callled bulu.( you think you so wangi kerr gemuk?)

Cippy & Cumi:

wah wah wah, they’re already accustomed to having me around. dah x sabar2 nak kuar bilik.

I siap baring2 lepak bilik diorg.

ada sekali tu terlelap, and guess what , si cippy for the first time ‘mengeow’ trying to wake me up. ingat I dah pengsan kot?

and nampak jer si Ccippy tu besar tapi penakut vacuum .

Dia lari dulu nampak vacuum.

Cumi?..overly manja… hemmm gebunyerrr budak ni

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


they're finally here. both of them.
right in front of me.
Mr prayer to be their foster mother finally answered.
so here we go.

i really really do hope this will go on well as it was planned earlier.
i just want to help them . be part of their life.
giving them happines .

So ashley, you too need to help me okayyyyy.

Ashley's First Day

It's her first day.
first day 'meeting' her new foster's bro & sis.
yet i'm doing it bit by bit .
and as usual being 'ashley' she started growling and hissing.
as if both of them are right in front of her. and yet they're no where to be seen.
i'm just giving her a sniff of their smell. putting their furball a bit here and there.

so what did ashley does? Mogok lapar , mogok hati, mogok perasaan.
not eating and not potting at all...LAYAN PERASAAN KAT KERUSI MALAS.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hari Rayaaaaaa kerrrrrrr?

kuih raya - no kuih this year , only kerepek kerepok - check!
duit raya - dah tukar - check!
baju raya - tahun lepas punya ada lagi, in advance from everyone with my yearly cotton baju kurung - check!
kasut raya - no need - selipar lagi best nak jalan - check!
beg dah kemas - check!
keter service - check!
keje kat office dah settle - keje sampai sudah pon xkan settle betul x? , at least semua in order now - check!
kasut/baju/handbag yg diorder dek mak mak budak ngan bapak budak - done with tahap bangkrup yg dihujung limit - check!

hemmmm apalagiii yerrrrrr...
akak celi kitaaaaaa...
akak celi - mandi + grooming + wangi - done with flying colours.
potting tray - dah bungkus
kibbles - cukup utk seminggu
sand - dah masuk keter

mcm dah settle..
so ashley , mari kita balikkk kg.......

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mera nam Ashley......

Ashley -> hanya mampu buat aski tunjuk penumbuk n jelir2 lidah
Mummy-> x baik tau Ashley... dosa tau
org nak ambik picture jerrr

Ashley -> oklaaaaa buat la muka bosan

pagi petang siang malam asyik ambik picture jerrrrr

Ashley : Tuhan , kau ampun kan laa dosa mummy ku ini... aminnnnn

ngan dosa aku tunjukpenumbuk kat dia tadi...