Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alkisah Cumi & Cippy

I do owed an explanation about Cumi & Cippy's background and how do i end up having them with me.
But i do hope Cumi & Cippy's Mummy allow me to documentise the whole story.

It all started when Ashley was becoming too much too handle.
By saying too much I mean, she's becomig the queen of the house, growling and hissing to everyone that she doesn't like. Almost 'slapping' her nanny during the grooming and demanding for her food to be served immediately. Nanny also got scared already u know...
seeee seeeee... who's the boss? me or her?

To cut the story short, Cumi & Cippy's mummy ( Called her auntie S) was looking for someone who could foster both of her kitties.
Sound like an easy thing to do right? Here's the criteria:
1. Both of them are inseparable. Cannot take only the male or even the Female
2. Cumi( female)- she's pregnant. First pregnancy - and she just turn 1 year.
3. Homey environment. And clean
4. Low number of current kitties. ie; undivided attention to them too.

the rest of criteria , you should ask Auntie S yourself. i only wrote the one that i'm aware of.

I leave the decision to her. don't want to pressure as it is her kitties at the end of the day.
As for Cumi & Cippy , they been transfering from one place to another for quite sometimes.
Nobody was to be blamed for what happened in the beginning. God's will and we must accept it whether we like it or not.
Somehow i could understand how cumi and cippy might have gone through.
Just like when my father passed away , we have to gaveaway both our kitties(they're my father's) to our cousins just because we can't bear to look at them...

So i would like to thank you to Auntie S ( she's not my auntie ok.. only a nick from ashley) for giving me the chance to be part of Cumi and Cippy's life and from Ashley - ' meow' . 'it means thank you so much now i have someone for me to skodeng with.'

Me and Ashley agreed that our fisrt mission is to make them as fat as possible. Haha.

Ashley doing her 'reporter' duty.


My A,B,C,D...... said...


Misz Pinkie Winkie said...

cumi dan cippy sangat comellllllllll
jaga bebaik yerk

sesemut said...

yup . jaga diorg macam mana jaga ashley...

Rosmawati Yusof said...

cute n smart cumi n cippy. love U, darlinggg....

shaf lina said...

hey dear thanks for the advise...so use minyak ikan yg mana ni yg lepas kita masak tu ke..reply to my page ye