Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ashley's Upcoming New Hairstyle

her usual rebonding?
or my favourite - the spike

So which one ?


Namie Amir said...

the spikeyg stylo!!!! hehehe~

sesemut said...

hahaha.. i like it too.. and the fact that she was 'pasrah' jer i buat apa with her bulu...
nak try braid la pulak tonight

DearCats said...

nice entry!.. never thought of that hehe.. Exactly!.. mcm mana u buat dia boleh sit still? kagum hehe

sesemut said...

ada dia gerak nak lari at one point tapi takat tukar posisi sekali.
kena cepat2 snap.

m.q said...

i vote for da spikey one...hahahah