Friday, December 21, 2012

Sepetang Di Kidzania

Kaunter tiket :
me: hi , my kids bought their tickets 2 days ago and they already queing for the tag watch.
can i buy mine now?

pretty girl: yes you can, no problem.

bla bla bla how will you pay..bla bla bla..ic..bla bla bla..
last thing , make sure you register together with them upstair.


Tag watch Q :
big-strong-bulky-man  (bsbm) at the front of the q ( while checking me out - up and down ...) : are you alone?

me : nope , i'm with my kids, they already q and got their watch.
bsbm : ok then , counter 7 please.


counter 7 :
me : * handing my receipt/ticket
effing-stuck-up-looking-girl : *also checking me out-up and down
are you alone?

me : nope. i'm with my kids , they already q and got their watch ( feel like an old tape rewinding herself)
girl : so where are they?
me : at the back ,
girl : where ?
me : * while pointing at my sister at the end of the hall ( which the whole world can see her-she's not that small by the way)
girl : can i see them?

me : * wttutttt?
i just wave,,, gamit...lambai... slow motion .... not in a rush... last like a minute or two.
then i walk a bit. slightly closer... gamit lambai ...then i shout for her...
which turn out to be a bit too loud for the whole crowd..

sis came... tag along the kids... macam itik pulang petang
and i make the gesture like how to show and parade your new car...

girl : oo ok, * put the watch on me and (again) but you have to register together with them.

me : I KNOW.

So kesimpulannnnnnnnn:
Ada ke any sane adult out there yang nak masuk Kidzania sesorang?

**** yes yes.. i was emo as well..
tapi i sentap. omputeh ko layan sembah bumi. aku ni malaysian dek oiiiii
aku tau aku lagi vogue dr kau ( sambil libas2 rambut yg naturally blonde ni)..

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